My Right To Decide Tee Shirt

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My Right To Decide is a Kentucky grassroots campaign to end cannabis prohibition. 

Our goal is to educate the Commonwealth of Kentucky on how supporting a change in Kentucky's cannabis laws will bring benefit to every resident of the Commonwealth.  The following bullet points represent how postive change will benefit the whole:

  • Ensure American constitutional freedoms are returned and upheld

  • Offer a safer choice in healthcare

  • Reduce opioid overdose deaths by 25%

  • Lower teen use with regulated markets

  • Eliminate non-violent arrests

  • Remove criminality from the lives of hundreds of Kentuckians

  • Save families from the destruction of jail time 

  • Introduce new revenue to our general budget

  • Provide an alternative to raising taxes

  • Tax revenue generated by consumer (not by all)

  • Family farms sustained with a 2 season crop